Little Mouths are a HUGE DEAL!

Your children are special and that calls for exceptional care. Many children’s first experience with a dentist happens at an office focused on adult care. Dental care in this environment is often intimidating and frightening for kids. This first impression can create anxiety and avoidance of the dentist that will last a lifetime.

Chicago kiDDS Pediatric Dentistry

In the same way pediatricians are trained to meet a child’s medical needs, pediatric dentists are specialized to work with all your child’s dental needs. Pediatric dentists have an additional two to three years of education at a university and/or hospital pediatric facility in addition to the four years of dental school and four years of college study. Pediatric dentists are trained to work with all behavioral aspects of children, making them feel at ease in an environment dedicated purely for children. Their qualifications include treating children with special needs and those requiring sedation due to anxiety or for patients who are unable to be comfortable for dental procedures. Our doctors at Chicago kiDDS believe in educating the parents and providing preventive and comprehensive dental care to children of all ages. Our goal is to promote and instill in children good oral health in the present so it will continue with them into their future.

All of our pediatric dentists are Board Certified.

We specialize in dental care for infants, children and young adults.

We understand the unique needs of children.

We believe your children deserve the best possible dental care.

We offer convenient hours of operation to suit your family’s needs.

Our treatment facilities are state-of-the-art.

We highly value an atmosphere focused on children filled with fun, team work and professionalism.

Most insurances accepted.

All of our Pediatric Dentists and Orthodontists are committed to treating our patients according to the highest professional guidelines.

In our office, your child’s dental health is our #1 Priority! The entire dental experience and the dental quality are equally important to us and we are committed to bringing you the best there is to offer. The patients and parents overall experience + board certified excellence in the delivery of pediatric dental care = Child Dental Health.